Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1) East Kingdom Server General Questions (17)

    These questions are hopefully answering the main questions that people have about who can have space on the East Kingdom Server, how much it costs, etc.

    If you do not see an answer to a question that you have, please submit a Feedback Helpdesk Ticket with your question, and we will be happy to answer it. It may even get added to the FAQ listing for others!
  • 2) East Kingdom Email Addresses and List Services (9)

    This category holds the information on the Kingdom Emails & List Services available to members of the East Kingdom
  • 3) East Kingdom Event Calendar and Postings (3)

    This is the area where How To's and questions regarding the EK Event Calendar are found.
  • WordPress Support (5)

    This holds the collected information regarding WordPress.
    The Plugins Listed here have been tested and found to be beneficial to all WordPress Installations on the East Kingdom Server.
    They should all be installed on your WP instance.

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