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Discussion List vs Polling List
o The East Kingdom Server and Mailing List service are working without error.
o The emails are being sent out as requested.
o Once the emails are off of the East Kingdom Server, some email providers are listing them as SPAM or rejecting them outright, which is not something that the Office of the Webminister can fix.
o The Polling List is necessary to be on as a Companion of the Order that you are in, if you wish to have a voice on upcoming candidates for the Polling Orders. The Clerk of the Polling Lists is the Administrator for ALL Polling Lists and can be contacted through their official Kingdom Office email. You can find that email under the Office of the Brigantia Herald.
o Only the Clerk of the Polling Lists can send emails out through these Lists. All others are moderated.

o The Discussion List is not mandatory and completely optional for all Companions. This is the forum where the conversations take place about upcoming candidates, what is happening within the Order, and anything else the Companions wish to talk about. Each Discussion List has their own Administrator, and they can be contacted through their email address. You can find that email under the Office of the Webminister, under the heading of "Polling Orders Administrators".
o You can currently review the Discussion List you belong to on the Information page for the specific list:
(Note the https)[INSERTNAMEHERE]
Example for the Order of the Sliver Crescent:
o An overview of how a mailing list works can be found here:

o List Administrators have access to this Help Desk system and will be replying to your tickets as quickly as they can.

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