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How To: Set Up Your Junk Folder
In order to use the "Mark as Junk" button in the RoundCube Email, your email box has to be configured to use it:

image (Main Tool Bar)
When you have one or more emails selected/highlighted, you will be able to click on the Junk button. Otherwise, the button is grayed out.

 (Junk button)

Once you click on the Junk button, the selected emails should disappear from the Inbox and you will see a notice that states:

However, if you have not set up your Junk folder in the system, you may see the above notice, but will also see the following error pop-up:

To fix this and have the system working properly, please follow these steps:
1. Choose Settings:

2. Under Settings, your default choice should be Preferences. If not, please choose Preferences:

3. Under the Section heading, click on "Special Folders":

You will see a listing of those folders and what are chosen for them. You may set Junk as 'spam' like I did:


Don't forget to hit "Save" if you make any changes in this section.

 Last updated Tue, Jun 3 2014 12:00am

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