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How To: Request Webserver Space For A Household, Clan or Other "non-sanctioned" SCA Groups
Category: East Kingdom Web Server General Questions
Requesting Webserver Space For A Household, Clan or Other "non-sanctioned" SCA Group

Tool/Service: Website Services
Description: At this time the East Kingdom will not supply webserver space for personal Households, Clans or other "non-sanctioned" SCA groups.

We do understand that there are many groups that would benefit from this service, however the East Kingdom Webserver is reserved for Official Groups only; Those entities that SCA, Inc. recognize as part of the Society structure.

There are several decent and free services available for web space to host a personal group site on.

As always, if you have any additional questions, concerns or updated information regarding the above, any current events or outages, please do not hesitate to contact the Webministry.
In Service to the Kingdom,
The Webministry

 Last updated Fri, Apr 29 2016 11:08am

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